Somehow, this city has taught me to be fearless. In the midst of a population crippled by anxiety and self-image, it has taught me to not be afraid anymore.

Fearless, not in the sense that I am not afraid of anything anymore, but in the sense that those fears that I have, have ceased to be as important. They no longer haunt my steps like a thief in the wind. They are not persistent because I have learned to stop listening to them. Watching so many people rush down the streets every day, heads bent and absorbed in their own phones and lives, I have realized that we only pay attention to the words that we repeat to ourselves inside of our own heads. And it is when they happen to be repeated by others external to us do we come to see them as true and indelible facts.

In a city of 8.5 million people there are many who would tell me what I am not and even more who would tell me who I am. In reality, I am none of those things for I am fearless.


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