Today I Realized…

Today I realized that outside the doors to the school, the entire game is different. What happens on school premises does not transfer out onto the sidewalks. In the school I am a teacher, on the sidewalks I am just another person passing by. I left the job at the bakery on Arthur Ave to escape the alternate universe that somehow made the Albanian mob’s sons better than me and I fell into a different universe where walls divide two completely different worlds.

In a city so driven to make statements, it should not come as a surprise that whether you are walking on tile or stained concrete there is a point to be made. In this case, however, it is not a point made on purpose. It is made by decades of ingrained mindsets that make the world see each person as different and other. Decades that tell you that the other would not want to make the association or wouldn’t appreciate it if it was made. The tribes are different and it is beneficial to know where they stand.


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