Today I Realized…

Today I realized that perspective is everything. There is more to life than this. The scheming and the miscommunications are enough to drive anyone crazy. It does not help for you to care about mediocrity. They are what they repeatedly do, therefore nothing you can do will save them. They are not interested in a solution, they are not even interested in talking about the problem. The want everyone to ‘look at me’ and ever get a chance to think beyond a minimal response.

They want to feel like they are in control of everything when ‘everything’ is just an excel sheet and an addition problem within 20. Nothing too complicated, but nothing worth striving over anyways. It has been a long struggle, one that I haven’t been able to see by myself, but with each step that makes a day, with each day that makes a week, I am slowly moving and moving towards the time when it will all be 0.


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