Hello, I have spent the last two years as a graduate student in philosophy in New York City. My interests are in American pragmatism, philosophy of mind, moral psychology, analytic phenomenology, contemporary analytic metaphysics, semantics and virtue ethics. I intend to focus my research primarily on the question of consciousness and identity in an ever digitizing world.

Through my experience in graduate school and adjunct lecturing I have realized that by the time people reach college, they are already well on their way to thinking and acting that the adults they are becoming. Consequently, it is the case that formative and lasting change comes before they have reached that age. Since I value applied disciplines above the theoretical, I have reevaluated my career plans and I am going to teach first grade at an inner city charter school.

These are my thoughts and words about the world, if they touch your life or if you would like to share your words with me, please feel free to comment on any post you like, I very much enjoy discussion.


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